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So happy you've picked up our Gratitude Journal! Just a little reminder: taking time for gratitude is a huge boost for your happiness and health. We're super excited to start this gratitude adventure with you.

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Here's to kicking off a journey full of growth, discovery, and lots of thankfulness.

Hi, I'm Stephanie!

There were moments when I felt overwhelmed by negativity, but when I shifted my focus to gratitude, everything changed. 

I started noticing the beauty in everyday and began feeling more connected to the world around me. 

That's why I created this gratitude journal—to help you and me celebrate life's blessings and cultivate a heart full of gratitude.

This is the starting line of our journey to a life lived in full color, where every moment shines a little brighter.

Every step you take with this journal is a step toward a brighter, more joyful tomorrow. 

Celebrate Every Win with Gratitude

Isn't it amazing how recognizing and cherishing every achievement, big or small, fills life with so much joy? That’s the magic of gratitude—it turns even the smallest victories into celebrations and teaches us to see the wonder in everything.

Embracing gratitude makes every day a little more colorful and every moment a bit more meaningful. It's like unlocking a secret layer of happiness in our lives. And honestly, noticing and appreciating these moments is what life’s all about.

So, let's keep this gratitude party going!


2 years ago I said a big F YOU to fear and followed my heart. Today we’re maxing current capacity and having to create new space for product.

Milestone moment! We've hit a new high with our journal orders and it's all thanks to YOU! Overflowing with gratitude for each of you who've trusted in our journey. Your support fuels our mission to bring soulful self-care to every corner of the world. Thank you for being a part of this incredible adventure!

This past year was a blast – from the Ireland and China trips to connecting with amazing female entrepreneurs at a cool event.

Enhances Mental Health
Strengthens Relationships
Boosts Self-esteem
Boosts Positivity

What customers love about our Gratitude journal

This most definitely has to be my favorite journal of Shine Sparkle Slay’s journal series, by far! It has done for me exactly what the title says, which has been daily reflection about my gratitude towards life and its fragility. I’m able to write out what made me happy about certain days, and even what made me unhappy. It has given me new perspectives and opened my eyes on how we should not take life and our days for granted. I would 1000% recommend this journal to anyone who really needs to be reminded to live life to the fullest, no matter the scenario or situation!


I love planners and journals and I've tried to journal without prompts and it's very hard. I know this sounds crazy, but this Gratitude & Reflection journal has been a life saver for me. I had never used a planner specifically for gratitude and reflection, just one to keep track of daily, weekly, monthly and annual goals, tasks, responsibilities, etc... when you begin to journal, you can see immediately that it is different. It's easy to digest, it's encouraging, and your first written prompt is a word search. I was immediately intrigued!

This journal also came at the right time. I'm grieving the loss of my father and it's easy to get mired in sadness and self-pity but this journal, if you spend a few minutes every day, which it encourages, helps you rise above that. The prompts are helpful. I do not believe in "toxic positivity' meaning being positive for positive's sake but reflecting on some of the tiny joys in life and reminding you to amplify them for yourself has helped me in my grieving process.

I look forward to journaling in this daily which means, it is a success!

Nay Family

One of the hardest things is to be good to yourself. I struggle to recognize the good that I do for myself. This book has helped me stay accountable to myself and has helped raise my mental state. Now it does require you to be consistent with it to help bit keeping it in a visible spot you go to regularly helps.

The quality is great. Cover is strong and soft. Pages are thick for gel pens and heavy ink pens. And it certainly does as advertised as long as you're consistent.

Savannah Torres

This journal is very pretty and well put together. The start of the journal has prompts about self reflection and places to improve. The daily morning and evening reflections help keep you focused on what you are working on, and how it’s going. I got this for my daughter who struggles to see the positive side of things. She really is enjoying using this journal.

K. Dean

What I like best about this journal is the ring binding. Makes it easy to lay flat on my desk. The prompts are thoughtful and best of all is the Morning and Evening reflections. This is where real gratitude can be felt - as I reflect on what I want to happen for the day and then reflect on what actually happened and how I handled it. Well written and nicely laid out, I think this is a great journal to give as a gift.

C. Burke

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