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Self-Care Journal for Women

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Dedicate daily moments to self-reflection and relaxation. This 12-week undated planner will empower you to take control of your life and achieve your goals.


The perfect tool for daily habit tracking and enhancing mindfulness. Enjoy effortless productivity tracking, intention setting, self-care suggestions, and routine trackers.


Let it back you up on your journey to self-love and healing, offering inspiration and guidance to prioritize yourself and embrace the peace that comes from a happier ‘you’.


Assess, improve, and maximize your self-care routine with this guided, captivating spiral hardcover journal for women.


Available in delightful blue or pink, it's an ideal gift for friends, sisters, moms, or girlfriends. With its prompts and daily journaling features, it becomes a source of inspiration, making their everyday life more meaningful.

Introducing Our Daily Self-Care Journal for Women

Transform Your Life, One Day at a Time.

Are you ready to prioritize self-love and embrace the peace that comes from a happier 'you'? Our Daily Self-Care Journal is here to empower you on your journey towards self-improvement and healing.

Are you ready to start your self-care journey? Order your Daily Self-Care Journal today and take the first step towards a happier, more balanced life.


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customers love us

I love this! It's the only journal I've consistently used and I am a journal junkie!

I have to say that I am a journal and planner junkie! So I have been thru them all throughout the years! However, this has changed the game! It's so simple to use that I actually find myself consistently using it. And it's so easy to customize to anything, not just your average self care habits and routines, but you can get really personal and made for whatever your focus is. I have end stage heart failure and a lot of the medications I'm on and the chronic disease, make my memory terrible! So when I see my hospice nurse i can actually remember and track my symptoms.

Before, i had no idea what to tell her! However, I was able to customize the journal to be more medicaly focused In the monthly charting and then in the weekly charting, there is an enough space for both medical, self care, memories and actual journaling and planning. Then also spaces Pre-printed and customizable where I can keep track of all of the things that I need to for a medical condition. It just breaks down things so easy. It takes so little time to use. And that's what I needed to be consistent. I haven't actually consistently used a journal or a planner since college until this one.

I normally start out using them. And then it's just too much work and I stop. It's durable, pretty, the price point was fantastic, The size will fit in my purse and it's so comprehensive.

I've been able to actually remember things! And report them! Again, this is NOT a medical journal, that is just what I use it for, it can be customized to track and journal anything....once this is filled I will most definately purchase another!


So organized

This journal is amazing all around. I love to be organized and feel like I have things together. This journal is perfect for that. I love that it gives you ideas for daily self care tasks, daily life isn’t always chores and things you HAVE to do. It’s so nice to have that reminder and make self care a daily task. I also love that you can log daily moods, habits, and wellness. That feature really helps you better see how you are doing overall. I highly recommend this self care journal.

Abby Nicole

Guided self care in the BEST way

Shine Sparkle Slay hits a home run again!!! You can tell that this journal has been made by someone who knows what it's like to have moments where you lose yourself in the hustle of life and need gentle nudging to bring you back in to the reality that 1, you can't fill from an empty cup and 2, your cup is 100% worth over flowing! I love the way this journal forces me to pause and reflect on how i can give myself the attention i need and deserve. Did i drink my water? Did i nourish my body.....did i make myself happy today or did i just give in to everyone else's wants.

Taking a few moments at the end of each week to reflect on the ups and downs and create intentional plans of being better the next week. Little, easy, but powerful ways to get self care in motion. I can't wait to compare how my week's notes look from the first week and the last in this journal!!! This is exactly what every busy woman needs to help keep that boost of momentum going!!!

Ashley A.