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Experience the power of positivity with our 52 Affirmation Scratch-Off Cards, boosting your confidence every week!

Cultivate mental clarity with daily affirmations, reducing stress and anxiety.

Boost your emotional resilience by focusing on positive thoughts each day.

Enhance your mental well-being with uplifting affirmations, promoting a positive mindset.

Practicing positive affirmations offers these top benefits:

Rewires your brain to focus on your strengths, enhancing self-belief.

Shifts focus away from negative thoughts, promoting calm and well-being.

Reinforces goals and aspirations, boosting motivation and focus.

What customers love about our self-care journal

I have to say that I am a journal and planner junkie! So I have been thru them all throughout the years! However, this has changed the game! It's so simple to use that I actually find myself consistently using it. And it's so easy to customize to anything, not just your average self care habits and routines, but you can get really personal and made for whatever your focus is.


Shine Sparkle Slay hits a home run again!!! You can tell that this journal has been made by someone who knows what it's like to have moments where you lose yourself in the hustle of life and need gentle nudging to bring you back in to the reality that 1, you can't fill from an empty cup and 2, your cup is 100% worth over flowing!

Ashley Amarello

I was looking for a gift for my wife and this popped up once I looked at it and saw what it was I had to get it for her. Women carry the world on their shoulders and I know definitely my wife does. So once it arrived she opened it and was so excited to see this small gift but more importantly it’s self care journal! She’s been using it ever since she got it!! Thank you


I love that it gives you ideas for daily self care tasks, daily life isn’t always chores and things you HAVE to do. It’s so nice to have that reminder and make self care a daily task.

Abby Nicole Ingram

Focusing on positive affirmations can truly change your life.

Our Affirmation Scratch Cards are designed to make this practice fun and engaging.

I am the master of my fate,

I am the captain of my soul.