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Hey, Sister! I'm Stephanie,

the heart and soul behind Shine Sparkle Slay.

My journey towards self-improvement opened my eyes to the magic of mindfulness and gratitude. It hit me how crucial support and community are when you're trying to grow and care for yourself better. That spark led me to start this adventure.

Welcome to your cozy corner for growth and self-care. Our journals aren’t just your average journals; they’re like friends guiding you to live more intentionally, with joy and thankfulness. They’re here to help you make your dreams a reality.

Ready to make every day count? Let’s embark on this journey together!


my story

To the world, my life might appear as a seamless tapestry of success. Yet, the path wasn't always strewn with roses. These challenges were not mere obstacles but stepping stones that shaped my resilience and empathy, the bedrock of my passion: to make a difference in people's lives.

The Turning Point

For over a decade, my career in corporate leadership was fulfilling. However, a transformative side venture in 2021 redefined my life's trajectory. Their influence led me to embrace and dedicate myself to my true calling – helping others recognize and celebrate their unique selves, and guiding them to SLAY their goals.

Our Vision with Shine Sparkle Slay

In life's most challenging moments, sometimes all it takes is a supportive friend or a voice of encouragement. Shine Sparkle Slay aspires to be that unwavering supporter in your corner. We promise a journey like no other, unique because it begins and thrives on genuine care and connection.

Shine Sparkle Slay 

is more than a name; it's a narrative crafted from real-life experiences. The brand mirrors the significant life transitions that have nurtured my growth as a mother, a partner, and as an individual.

Now, it's about giving back, inspiring others, and promoting a culture of mental wellness and acceptance.