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Article: Shine Sparkle Slay Anniversary Blog

Shine Sparkle Slay Anniversary Blog

Shine Sparkle Slay Anniversary Blog

This year marks the first-year anniversary of Shine Sparkle Slay, and we are so excited to celebrate with all of our sisters! In honor of this milestone, we want to share some of our favorite memories and reflect on how far we’ve come.

We would also love to hear from you about your own experiences with Shine Sparkle Slay – so be sure to share them in the comments! Whether you’re a sister who’s been with us since the beginning or you’re just discovering us now, we hope you’ll join us in celebrating this incredible journey!

Here’s to many more years of shining, sparkling, and slaying together!


Summer of 2021

Stephanie's journey is one of persistence and hope. She experienced trauma and pain, as many do in life, but through this, she found purpose in uplifting other women who have experienced the same stigma.

A number of positive messages from amazing women inspired by these principles made it official that this is what she wanted more than anything else: for someone else's journey to lead to something beautiful and for all to find success in self-love.

It was only a matter of time before she started to share her story with the world.



In July, she came up with the brand name, Shine Sparkle Slay which represents the three major phases of her life.

She continued working on the SSS website with the idea that fashion should embrace the beauty of all shapes and sizes. She started setting up a Shine office from her garage and took only six weeks to go live on November 1, 2021.

By December, she continued to juggle between growing the Shine brand, working in the corporate world, and perfecting Shine’s first physical product— the Shine Sparkle Slay Self-care Journal.




March 2022 - the Shine Self-care journal officially launched on Amazon with 555 copies sold to date and quickly growing!

Shine Sparkle Slay Sisterhood was also created where we encourage women to be part of, share their stories and get the support and motivation that they need from fellow badass women. 




In May, she finally decided to say goodbye to her corporate job of 16 years to devote all her time to the SSS mission and hopped on to a new adventure of working on her first children’s book.



She also launched her very own podcast (recording her Podcast Trailer from her closet!) where she invites Rockstar guests who share tips and hacks to having the right mindset, embracing one’s worth, and learning business strategies that work. 




Now Being a team of 3, we take the time to curate ideas that will add value to you. We want to celebrate this amazing day by thanking you so be sure to check our Facebook page to see how you can have fun and participate in our anniversary!

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