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Article: Carrie Severson - Unapologetically Enough

Carrie Severson - Unapologetically Enough

Carrie Severson - Unapologetically Enough

Finding our life's purpose and mission is a void almost everyone wishes to fill, but it can be quite a struggle. We want certainty while also remaining true to ourselves. We spend our entire lives trying to figure out where we're supposed to fit and what makes us happy. But when it comes down to it, we have no idea what's truly important for us. The answer is there if you know where
to look.

The following points were taken from the very first episode of the Shine Sparkle Slay Podcast, where we’re joined by Carrie Severson. She’s the author of Unapologetically Enough and is the CEO of the Unapologetic Voice House.

Throughout this mini-episode, we’ll talk about purpose
and how you could find it. Check out the episode on Apple Podcasts to get the complete experience!

From Bullied to Empowered

Purpose is an interesting thing. Just when you think you've found it, you realize that it's been moving the whole time and changing. Maybe you're in a season where your purpose seems like it's completely gone, or perhaps you realize that it has been there all along, just waiting for you to catch up. Regardless of which situation applies to you, don't abandon hope! Sometimes, it can be found in the most unlikely places or circumstances.

As a kid, Carrie had low self-esteem because of the bullying she experienced. But instead of letting that experience drown her voice, she found a way to remain true to herself and swim back to the surface. At 19, she discovered her passion for writing and eventually her talent for storytelling. Now she’s helping other women elevate their voices.

Hiccups & Burnouts

But it hasn’t always been an easy journey for Carrie. There were hiccups and burnouts along the way. Sometimes these detours can be confusing, and it may seem like we are on a path with no end. But these stimulate us to look at our surroundings differently and allow us to learn more about who we are and why we want what we want. Carrie knew and understood that and eventually found her way back on her feet and on to her mission. And she has an incredible story about overcoming those struggles and being unapologetically enough.

Life is a journey. It's a series of events that makes us who we are. The challenges and struggles may sometimes dampen our spirit, but if we can stay true to ourselves, everything will eventually fall into place.

Want to learn more from Carrie Severson? You can listen to the full Shine Sparkle Slay episode on Apple Podcasts.

Outline of the Episode:

● [02:12] What you can expect from the book “Unapologetically Enough: Reshaping Success and Self-Love.”
● [4:48] How being bullied as a kid helped Carrie find her purpose
● [5:30] Carrie’s life mission and how she uses writing and storytelling to advocate for that
● [6:36] Why it’s okay to experience hiccups along your life’s journey
● [8:18] Recovering from burnout - we all go through it at some point!

About Carrie: I created The Unapologetic Voice House, an independent publishing house, to help authors share their books and messages with a bigger market. We are strongly unapologetic in our passion for strong female characters, in our support for strong female authors, and in our fierce approach to launching inspiring female stories both out and into the world. We nurture authors through the entire publishing journey. Our team of designers, social media
experts, and web site developers support each client during pre-sale and launch phases. Using our nurturing and experienced approach. 

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