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Article: 5 Ways to Empower Women and Girls

5 Ways to Empower Women and Girls

5 Ways to Empower Women and Girls

Female empowerment is a concept that is still being contested worldwide. Like any basic human right, equality in gender is fundamental for ensuring peace. However, if we talk about the global landscape, there is still a long way to go before gender-related norms can be conquered. Can I get an AMEN?!


However, that doesn't mean that we as women cannot support one another; in fact, this is the right time to showcase our solidarity, believe in our cause, and propagate the message of women's power even further. Furthering our mission to uplift and empower women all over the globe!

The rise of female empowerment:

Gender equality is a neglected right, and the sad truth is that it has been for centuries. Even when Queen Elizabeth 1st acceded to the throne, people questioned her legitimacy owing to her sex. She had to prove herself constantly to the country no matter how talented and fit she was to rule as a monarch.

The awareness regarding female empowerment and rights has become more prominent in the past five years. We witnessed celebrities such as Claire Foy object to the pay she was given, albeit she played a more prominent role as the Queen than her other colleagues. Additionally, we saw voices rise against domestic violence, equal pay, and non-gender discrimination in other countries. However, even amid such outcry, we have a long journey before we can truly instill among others that asking for female rights is not a crime rather an obligation. We have to stand together in the fight for equality - which makes our tribe of women even more important.

Why does this matter more than ever?

This issue today, in particular, holds great significance – if you visit underdeveloped countries or even Latin America, you will notice staunch discrimination in the workforce on the basis of gender.


The stereotype is that women are meant to "clean, raise kids, and work in the house," while that is not fact at all. Worldwide, more than 20 million underaged girls have married annually, a report by the UN stated. This in itself is highly problematic as those young girls are usually coerced to their homes for a dowry, which doesn't even have that much value in the first place.

As a result, the multiplier effect that all of this is having is mind-boggling. Many women are giving up on their lives, whereas others have voluntarily chosen to be unemployed because society doesn't support them.

In all of the above, if today, we don't boost the self-esteem of all those incredible, hard working women out there, then we are no better than those who have made them feel like outcasts. Women supporting one another is the world we want to live in. We know that you do too, which is why below we present to you five ways how you can brighten up the day of that special female in your life. Be it a female friend, colleague, your sister, or even your mom, the empowerment ways we are about to list work seamlessly well for all! Because let’s face it, women run the world!

How can we as women support one another?

A few incredible ways you can make a difference in the lives of fellow females is via:

  • Showcasing your heartfelt appreciation:

All of us need compliments; however, women especially need it more than ever because they do even the slightest chores without an ounce of nagging or complaining. Let them know that they're doing a wonderful job – feel free to visit your friend's house, gift her chocolates, or spend some time with her. She'll appreciate this heartfelt gesture, and most importantly, you'll be the one putting a smile on her face, God knows after how long! Shoutout your queens in this life, because they need it more than ever!

  • Helping new moms adjust:

Maternity can be hard; it is an entirely new experience, and those who aren't familiar with it can have a challenging time picking up the pieces. In this case, you should be their backbone. Try to give them maternal advice which worked for you, and can do the job for them as well. Help them out if they need a babysitter to unwind for some time. "Momming” doesn’t have to be complicated if we all lend a hand, right?

  • Donating to women’s shelters:

Many women require your help – some are trying to find a haven from hopeless marriages, whereas others are from abusive families. The misconception is that abuse is only physical. Well, it isn't!

Abuse can be emotional as well, inflicts greater harm than physical wounds ever could! Donate to such shelters that work hard towards women's rights and protect them – abuse is abuse in all forms. If we don't take action, it is only a matter of time before the situation further exacerbates.

  • Educate them!

If you have the means to educate a girl, then do it! The quantity doesn't take precedence; instead, your actions do; even if you are successfully paying for one girl's education, you are setting an example for others to do the same. Thus, the intention is what counts, and you have to do your best to eradicate inequality. Knowledge is power all over the world and if more women fight for other women to have it, we might make a difference in the progress of equality.

  • Assisting female entrepreneurs to rise:

Supporting female-led businesses is also a great way to illustrate support for fellow women out there. They have had to rise beyond the discouragement and the criticism to form a brand label for themselves, which we should support. Additionally, it takes a lot of time for a business to attain success or build a loyal customer base, for that matter. If you are doing even your bit in spreading the word and being a source of contentment for them, you have already succeeded as a woman who uplifts others.

The Bottom Line: Women are Bricks Set Next to One Another

Women are there to support one another morally, physically, and emotionally. If we don’t take the first step towards female empowerment today, no one will for us either.

Therefore, set foot on this journey together with all those beautiful women out there – be a source of inspiration for them, and motivate them during their lows while being there for them in their good times.

Female empowerment is a war against the justice system – it rebuts preexisting, patriarchal norms regarding society. The change will not occur immediately, but it is imminent if you all embark on this ride together as one!

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