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Article: Now You Are Born - Now Available

Now You Are Born - Now Available

Now You Are Born - Now Available

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Recently freed from corporate America, Stephanie Rodriguez is taking her incredible drive to uplift and inspire. Her inspirational business, Shine Sparkle Slay, is an empowering female-oriented company that has already seen Stephanie featured as one of the Top 30 Inspiring Women to Look Out For in 2022.

Her mission to help women around the world feel confident, empowered, and beautiful doesn’t stop with her main Shine Sparkle Slay brand, but threads throughout her life and with everyone she meets. Above all, Stephanie is passionate about women and their potential, always looking to help lift others around her.

Stephanie is excited to begin a new path in her life. Her aspirations to be an author stretch back to grade school, where a first place Young Authors award boosted her confidence with writing. No matter that it took more than a few years to weave her experiences together and bring her to this place, Stephanie knew that she was always going to find that time to write one day. It is her delight that ‘that day’ has arrived. She has already launched her first self-care journal and just recently published her very first self-care journal and children's book, "Now You Are Born".

The joy of a newborn baby is often written about, with proud and loving parents able to focus on the delight of their child coming into the world. Of course, it’s not only the parents who are joyous regarding the baby’s arrival; grandparents, too, find themselves blessed with a new family member.

In Now You Are Born, Gigi delights in the arrival of her first grandchild. As she looks into his eyes for the first time, she sees the huge span of life that stretches before him and rejoices in the parts of that journey she can share. From a first smile, to days in play, there is much of the early life of a baby to bring joy to a grandparent.

 With beautiful illustrations and a soft, cozy narrative, Now You Are Born will delight children and bedtime readers alike

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